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The Digital Media Academy of Canada is dedicated to educating professionals in the areas of Digital Media and Internet Marketing in order to promote career growth in the Digital Media global job market. Our courses are also tailored to business owners interested in managing their own digital media marketing campaign.

Our mission is to be the number one Online Digital Marketing School in Canada and Globally, helping students to improve their knowledge in the field of Digital Media and Internet Marketing as well as help them gain hands-on experience with leading SEO, SEM, Online PR, Social Media applications, and much more.


Program benefits:

  • Our courses are designed to provide you with practical knowledge, effective tools and techniques.
  • The digital media and Internet marketing industry is dynamic and constantly changing in its technology and trends. DMAC regularly updates all of its courses in order to provide our students with the most up-to-date information and best practices in the industry.
  • We provide practical and hands-on training from digital media professionals allowing students to actively apply their skills in planning and managing online marketing campaigns.
  • We offer live and on-demand customized corporate training opportunities.

Our Methodology

Courses offered on DMAC's platform are designed to help you successfully plan and manage an online marketing campaign. We work with text, images, videos, quizzes and every tool is available to improve your learning experience.

  • Read our text. Our reading materials and articles will help you understand the concepts covered in our course material.
  • Watch our videos and podcasts. Our videos will help you get a visual sense of the material and improve your knowledge acquired through the texts and articles.
  • Complete our assignments and quizzes. Our quizzes and assignments are designed to help you measure and assess your progress and acquired knowledge.